The New Fujifilm X-A1: Mirrorless Shooting at an Unprecedented Price

The Fujifilm X-A1mirrorless camera (front).

The Fujifilm X-A1mirrorless camera (front).

Fujifilm has just announced the introduction of the X-A1, a new mirrorless camera built around the acclaimed X-M1 but with a more digestible price tag. The $599 MSRP gets you a 16.3 MP sensor APC-S, Wi-Fi, 3-inch 920k-dot movable rear screen and an XC 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS kit lens. This new model will make mirrorless cameras even more affordable for consumers and closes much of the price gap between mirrorless and entry-level DSLRs.

Fujifilm X-A1 Features in Detail

The X-A1 shares a lot in common with its X-M1 big brother. The only significant difference between the two is price.

16.3 MP APS-C Sensor

The X-A1 includes a 16.3 MP sensor in the same APS-C size as budget and mid-range DSLRS along with the EXR Processor II. This is the same image processor as the X-M1, though the X-A1 sensor lacks Fujifilm’s proprietary X-Trans technology. This typical X-family feature reduces moiré and false colors. Given X-A1′s price point, however, the lack of X-Trans is no surprise.

Other than that, the Fujifilm X-A1 is almost identical to the more expensive M-A1. Users will still enjoy extended ISO up to 25600 and burst shooting at 5.6 frames per second. Startup time is only half a second.

Size and Weight

The Fujifilm X-A1 weighs 11.6 oz and is 11.3″ at its thinnest point. That’s about a third of the size of a traditional DSLR body, which is particularly appealing to hobbyists who want to leave the camera backpack at home but no big deal for existing mirrorless owners.

Wi-Fi, Screen and other Features

View of the Fujifilm X-A1 from behind.

The X-A1 features the same screen and Wi-Fi capabilities as the X-M1, including wireless transfer and easy connection to the iPhone, iPad or Android devices through a special Fujifilm application for remote shooting and image transfer. The 3” 920,000-dot tilting screen rotates and pivots to handle a variety of situations. There is no optical viewfinder, but like the lack of X-Trans this is to be expected for the price.

The FUJINON XC16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS Lens

fujifilm 16-50-lens

The 16-50mm X-mount kit lens (equivalent to 24-76mm on a full-frame body) included with the Fujifilm X-A1 is good, but like most kit lenses nothing to write home about. Notable is the inclusion of image stabilization, however.

Availability and Price

Availability begins October 30. The X-A1 kit will ship in black and indigo blue at the aforementioned price point of $599. Optional accessories also available at launch include a leather case, hand grip and clip-on flash. This announcement is great news for anyone looking to get into mirrorless on a budget and no doubt timed for the upcoming holiday season.

Preorder in black: Amazon

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Official page: Fujifilm