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Send Takedown Notices Worldwide – With Pixsy

Legally Compliant In Over 35 Jurisdictions

Available In Over 15 Languages


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Takedown notices are great for removing your images from unwanted websites.


But did you know that a DMCA takedown notice is not legally applicable outside of the US?


Pixsy offers a global, legally compliant Takedown service.

How Pixsy Takedowns Work

1. Connect Images


2. We Scan The Web


3. Find Image Theft


4. Take Action

Which Countries Can Pixsy Send Takedown Notices To?

Pixsy Takedowns can be sent to any country in the world. At this time, Pixsy Takedowns are compliant in 35 legal jurisdictions, including all EU member states (Including the UK), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Russia, India, the US, and Canada.

You can send Pixsy takedowns to website hosts in English and their native language. Currently, Pixsy supports Takedown notices in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanise, Portuguese, Italian and Hindi. For languages with mixed variation (like English and Portuguese), Takedowns are also able to be sent in local languages.

Why Choose Pixsy Takedowns?

Send Takedowns Globally
Legally Compliant In Over 35 Jurisdictions
Available In Over 15 Languages
Over 16,000 Takedowns Sent

When To Use Pixsy Takedowns

Takedown notices are perfect for cases of copyright infringement where you simply want your image removed. They are simple, fast and effective.

However, when you use Pixsy to see who’s using your images online, sending a Takedown notice is not the only option for taking action against unauthorized use. In fact, it’s not always the best option. If you find a use of your work that constitutes copyright infringement for commercial gain, you can submit this to Pixsy so Pixsy can pursue compensation on your behalf.

It’s free to submit a case. Pixsy only takes a service fee when the case is successfully resolved.


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