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How Pixsy fights image theft


Our advanced image scanner and AI finds accurate matches of your images online and is combined with easy to use management tools so you can take action against copyright infringement.



Our team of copyright experts and international legal partners handle the whole infringement case process to recover fees and damages on your behalf. No win, no fee!



Import instantly from popular services

One click connection from image platforms to sync your images and start monitoring for matches online

New images sync’d automatically

Add new images by simply refreshing your connection to your chosen import source, ensuring you are always protected

Bulk upload from your computer

As well as syncing with a supported platform, you can upload images manually from your computer


See where your images are used

Pixsy actively monitors the internet to see where and how your images are being used online

Filter and search your results

Our filters and advanced AI automatically group matches to let you quickly find whats important

Get alerted to new matches

Pixsy never stops scanning and we automatically alert you when new image matches are detected

Take Action

Recover compensation

Pixsy works hard to recover fees and damages for the unauthorized use of your work. No win, no fee!

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Issue takedowns globally

Instantly send legally binding takedown notices worldwide to match the local law and language. Takedowns are a fast and effective way to get your work removed.
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Register and protect your work

Pixsy integrates with copyright offices around the globe, to officially register your work with the local government authority
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Growing Community

Over 30,000 creatives from 70+ countries trust Pixsy

Pixsy's service lets me take advantage of the expertise I don’t have with respect to copyright law and gives me support when dealing with unauthorized use of my photos around the globe.
Arno Jenkins

Portland, Oregon, USA

My experience with the service Pixsy provides photographers has been rewarding to say the least. Easy to use, and even easier to collect payments from copyright infringers. If you value your image rights, you should be using Pixsy.
Jamie MacDonald

Michigan, USA

The only service online, not only aimed to fight for you copyright rights, but also that helps you in searching for violations worldwide. A fantastic team that provides a great support.
Stefano Corso

Rome, Italy

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Our mission is to empower creatives around the world to be in control of how, where and when their work is used. We take complicated copyright and intellectual property law and make it easy and accessible to everyone.

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