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Discover where and how your images are being used online. Take action when they are stolen!

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Resolve cases of unauthorised image use & recover compensation. Let Pixsy do all the hard work!

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Our mission

We fight for the rights of artists

Our mission is to empower creatives around the world to be in control of how, where and when their work is used. We provide a suite of tools and services to find, manage and resolve cases of unauthorized use. Pixsy ensures easy, low-risk access to legal support and compensation. We take complicated copyright and intellectual property law and make it easy and accessible to everyone.

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Customer Reviews

  • “Pixsy provides accurate image matches in places where services like Tineye and Google Images simply do not find any. I appreciate their service that allows me to review matches and decide which cases I want to pursue in peace and quiet, without any pushy sales tactics.”
    Birgit F
  • Pixsy helps me track down all the rogue uses of my photos from the deepest corners of the web. Best of all, Pixsy makes it quick and easy to seek removal and/or restitution. I couldn’t be happier!
    Paige K Parsons
    San Francisco, California, United States
  • Pixsy's service lets me take advantage of the expertise I don’t have with respect to copyright law and gives me support when dealing with unauthorized use of my photos around the globe. Knowing that Pixsy is there to help with copyright infringements has made my creative life easier.
    Arno Jenkins
    Portland, Oregon, USA
  • I have been delighted with the service given by Pixsy. They have kept me constantly informed and looked after my rights as a photographer, ensuring I am rewarded accordingly.
    Mike Boss
    Ringwood, United Kingdom
  • Pixsy has helped me receive thousands of dollars from stolen pictures of mine on the internet. I never would have gotten that money without their help!
    Jessica Johnson
    San Diego, California, USA
  • My experience with the service Pixsy provides photographers has been rewarding to say the least. Easy to use, and even easier to collect payments from copyright infringers. If you value your image rights, you should be using Pixsy.
    Jamie MacDonald
    Michigan, USA
  • I’m so thankful for the legal assistance and the team at Pixsy who worked hard to get multiple copyright infringement cases settled and to get me my royalty payments. It seems as if people don’t understand what copyright infringement is these days and Pixsy reminds them 😉
    Cathy Neth
    Dallas, Texas, USA
  • The only service online, not only aimed to fight for your copyright rights, but also that helps you in searching for violations worldwide. A fantastic team that provides great support.
    Stefano Corso
    Rome, Italy
  • I cannot recommend Pixsy highly enough for their efficiency and professionalism in tracing and dealing with infringements of stolen photos. As a published stock photographer I regularly find images stolen from newspapers in particular. I am often referring to Pixsy for resolution of my infringement cases.
    Paul Thompson
    Lincolnshire, United Kingdom