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Pixsy can recover compensation globally when your images are stolen

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We fight for you

We are fully prepared to enforce your case – everything from post-licensing to settlement negotiation, and even litigation via a local legal parter

No win,
no fee

We only charge a fee when we successfully resolve your case and collect payment for the use of your work. Fast payouts to your bank anywhere in the world!

Global experts

Our specialist team of copyright agents & local legal partners take care of everything - sit back and let us do the work!


How it works

When we find an unauthorized commercial use of your work (by a business) you can submit it to us. Our expert team of copyright case managers will handle all aspects of the case. We will keep you updated and work hard to get you paid.

Head of case management

Barbara Konecny

"I first became aware of Pixsy as a professional photographer. To date, we have handled more than 200,000 cases of unauthorized use. From the moment a case is submitted to my team it is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. We work hard to protect the rights of creatives and enjoy celebrating success with you".

Submit cases for free

No matter where you found the infringement, we are here to help. We don’t get paid unless you do

Simple case submission

Complete our quick, guided form to ensure we have all the information we need to get to work on your behalf

Legal enforcement

We work with specialist IP and Copyright lawyers around the world to fight for your rights. We are proud of our extensive network of international legal partners

Sit back and relax

Once submitted our expert case managers handle everything. From preparation to evidence collection, negotiation, settlements, and payouts

Personal care

You are kept up-to-date throughout every step of your case. Informative emails and your personalized dashboard keep you in the loop

Fast payouts

Upon a successful resolution of your case, we remit payment to you anywhere in the world (bank transfer, wire, PayPal)


We are fully prepared to enforce your case – everything from post-licensing to settlement negotiation, and even litigation

No win, no fee

50% service fee for successful cases

Free to submit unlimited cases

Dedicated case manager who handles everything for you


Frequestly Asked Questions

Learn more about how Pixsy can help monitor & protect you images, and enforce your copyrights worldwide.

How much does it cost?

You can monitor 500 images for free (forever)!  
To monitor more images, you can choose from a monthly fee.
Submitting a case for resolution is free - we only charge a fee if we can successfully resolve your case (50% of the recovery).

How do I get started?

Sign up for a free account here. Connect your image platform or upload images to start our monitoring services.
Review your matches and decide which action you want to take - Send a Takedown, or submit a Case.

Who is Pixsy?

Pixsy is an online service that allows photographers to track their images and see where and how they are being used.
When images are used without permission or without a license, you can send a takedown notice to get the image removed, or submit the case to Pixsy to recover compensation. Learn more about us here.

Is Pixsy a law firm?

No. Pixsy is a software company and image licensing company.
When you submit a case to Pixsy, you authorize us as your licensing agent.
Pixsy has a network of local law firms and attorneys that will represent you in each jurisdiction when needed.

Who uses Pixsy?

Pixsy is used by over 200,000 photographers, designers, illustrators, photo agencies and media companies worldwide to monitor their images and enforce their copyrights. Click here to read customer reviews.
Pixsy partners with and is a professional member the leading photograph association and licensing organizations around the world. Click here to see all our partnerships.

Why is Pixsy better than other services?

Our clients tell us that we find more matches than services Google or TinEye, the design our of web-app is easy to use, our global country coverage is a perfect fit and that we payout higher amounts faster than other service.

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