By creatives. For creatives.

We know how frustrating image theft is for creative professionals, and we are with you every step of the way.

Photo: Benjamin Lee

Who is Pixsy?

Founded by Daniel Foster in 2014, a photographer specializing in architectural photography who was battling the problem of online image theft.
An online platform for image owners to discover where and how their images are being used online.
A suite of copyright tools and services for unauthorized use of images and copyrighted works.
Case Resolution Services for licensing and legal resolution around the world.
Global and growing network of 26 expert legal partners and law firms.
Investment and support from leading European/North American investors and partners.

Our Mission

Find and fight image theft.

Our mission is to empower creatives around the word to find and fight image theft. You should be in control of how and when your work is used and empowered to resolves cases of unauthorized use. Access to legal support and compensation should be easy, low risk and affordable. We take complicated complex copyright and IP law and make it easy and accessible to everyone.

Our History



  • Brian McCarty, a photographer and Pixsy user, found that his picture was picked up by ISIS and used in their propaganda. The story received international press attention

  • Law Firm partnership & legal resolution was launched


    • The number of Pixsy users grows to over 15,000 users

    • Pixsy now enforcing cases in 11 countries

    • 85,000,000 image matches uncovered

    • The “Pixsy Takedown” tool was introduced, allowing users to send DMCA takedowns with a single click


  • The number of users grows to over 20,000 users from 72+ countries

  • 35,000 members in our photographer community

  • 26 partner law firms across the globe

  • Thousands of new cases submitted each month

  • 25,000,000 photos protected with our “Find” platform

  • 150,000,000 image matches uncovered from across the web

Our Team

By creatives. For creatives.

Pixsy is run by a highly talented, international team of creatives, photographers, legal copyright and licensing experts, and developers. We come from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and more than seven other countries. As we strive for a values based company culture, we believe that our context for high-performance approach will transfer onto both our customers and partners.

Above all, Pixsy is a company built with a purpose – to find and fight image theft!

Management Team

Torsten Rüter

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Kain Jones

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Barbara Konecny

Head of Case Management

Our Partners

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