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What is Pixsy?

Pixsy is an online platform for creatives and image owners to discover where and how their images are being used online.
Founded in 2014 by Daniel Foster, a photographer who was battling the problem of online image theft.
Pixsy provides a powerful suite of tools and services to tackle the unauthorized use of images.
Case Resolution Services for licensing and legal resolution around the world.
Global and growing network of 30+ expert legal partners and law firms.
Investment and support from leading North American & European investors and partners.

How Pixsy Came To Be

After finding his own work stolen online, photographer and entrepreneur Daniel Foster was frustrated at the difficulty he faced in resolving the issue. Beyond the amount of time it takes to search for unauthorized use, few resources are available to help artists when their work is stolen, especially outside their own countries.

Daniel teamed up with Torsten Rüter and Kain Jones to create a service that automatically detects image theft and gives creatives access to powerful legal resources so they can do something about it.  Now, through our network of leading specialist law firms, Pixsy has helped more than 35,000 photographer, illustrators agencies and artists uncover and handled over 55,000 copyright infringement claims around the world.  

Many of us at Pixsy are artists ourselves. We know what it feels like to discover your work stolen and understand the special challenges creatives face. As a “By Creatives, For Creatives” company, our mission is simple: to fight for the rights of artists. 

Our Mission

We fight for the rights of artists.

Our mission is to empower creatives around the world to be in control of how, where and when their work is used. We provide a suite of tools and services to find, manage and resolve cases of unauthorized use. Pixsy ensures easy, low-risk access to legal support and compensation. We take complicated copyright and intellectual property law and make it easy and accessible to everyone.

Our Management Team

Kain Jones



Kain has been with Pixsy since 2016. An experienced manager in various roles in tech and consultancy, he uses his knowledge and experience to grow the company from strength to strength and into new markets. His passion for photography, copyright, IP law and bringing justice to artists means he enjoys working to provide creatives with a first class experience.

Torsten Rüter



Torsten wrote the first line of Pixsy code in June 2014 and has enjoyed developing the project ever since. Before joining Pixsy, he was a freelancer, working with European startups in the areas of on-demand video, 3D and visualization. He enjoys exploring and creating smart solutions to the problems that creatives face every day.

Barbara Konecny

Head of Case Management


Barbara has been building Pixsy’s case management infrastructure since early 2015. She found Pixsy when confronted with what to do when her own images had been stolen, and now uses her prowess in IP law to find solutions to complex copyright problems. Barbara works with an extensive legal network and has overseen over 55,000 cases of unauthorized image use.

Our History



  • Brian McCarty, a photographer and Pixsy user, found that his picture was picked up by ISIS and used in their propaganda. The story received international press attention

  • Law Firm partnership & legal resolution is launched


    • The number of Pixsy users grows to over 15,000 users

    • Pixsy now enforcing cases in 11 countries

    • 85,000,000 image matches uncovered

    • The “Pixsy Takedown” tool is introduced, allowing users to send legally binding takedowns with a single click


  • 35,000 members in our creative community from 72+ countries

  • 26 partner law firms across the globe

  • Thousands of new cases submitted each month to “Resolve”

  • 25,000,000 photos protected with our “Find” platform

  • 160,000,000 image matches uncovered from across the web


Version 2.0 of the Pixsy Web-app launched

Global takedown product launched, legally binding in 35 international jurisdictions and 15 languages

Pixsy has processed over 55,000 cases of copyright infringement globally

Our Partners

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