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Arno Jenkins

"Pixsy has allowed me to easily see who is using my images which allows me to decide if I want to send a takedown notice or if I want to pursue legal action to be compensated."
At a glance
  • Career: 12+ years
  • Kit: Fujifilm cameras & lenses
Featured Image (using Pixsy's services)
The Job Site (May, 2009)
28 cases // 46 matches

Arno Jenkins is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and artist whose career spans over 15 years. His portfolio is a beautiful mix of fine art and commercial images. Arno Jenkins was a Pixsy early adopter back in 2015 when the company first launched.


With increased usage of social media, image theft is becoming increasingly rampant. The sustainability of the professional photography industry is being threatened by a large number of photographers allowing their images to be used with 'attribution only'. For Arno, this trend has had a negative impact on his overall body of work and ultimately leads to undervaluing the work of many other photographers around the world too. In the past, the inclusion of a watermark (or ensuring the metadata displays the ownership of the image) would have been enough, but today these features can easily be altered or ignored. One of Arno's many challenges was how to deal with image theft. His 'The Job Site' photograph was constantly being stolen and used without his permission.


When Arno began working with Pixsy on his widely stolen image, Pixsy advised him to register the work with the United States Copyright Office in order to protect and increase the value of his image. Doing so led to even more revenue recovering resolutions. Using Pixsy, Arno was able to discover 46 occasions where his 'Job Site' image was used online and submit 28 cases for resolution. For Arno, monitoring and protecting his images from theft is a business necessity. A platform like Pixsy makes the process much easier for professional photographers like him and ensures their images have timely copyright registrations with the USCO. And by using Pixsy match viewer, Arno is able to locate unauthorised usage of his images and submit these as cases through the platform to recover lost revenue.