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Jamie MacDonald

"Monitoring my images with Pixsy saves time and money so I can focus on creating my best work."
At a glance
  • Career: 9+ years
  • Kit: Olympus Imaging Body: OM-D E-M1 Mark II/ E-M10 Mark III
Featured Image (using Pixsy's services)
Desolation (June, 2011)
2 cases // 8 matches

Jamie is an Olympus Visionary Ambassador, professional photographer & podcaster who has been using Pixsy as a copyright management solution for the past three years. He mainly creates vivid landscape and nature photography showcasing the beauty and diversity of the United States through the seasons. You can view his portfolio and learn more about his work as a photographer here.


Before he joined Pixsy, searching and taking action on unauthorised uses of his work was time-consuming and often did not result in compensation. This impacted his ability to control where and how his work was used, and distracted from his passion to capture stunning images of the world around him. Jamie initially attempted to fight infringers on his own. Four years ago one of his images, titled 'Apocalyptia, Self Portrait' was altered and used by a company in the UK to advertise their services. Jamie became aware of the infringement and sent a Cease and Desist letter, which rendered no response from the company that used his image. He was just looking for them to take down his image.


Jamie became aware of Pixsy and decided to submit a case for his Apocalyptica, Self Portrait, which was stolen by the company in the UK. Pixsy was able to locate the image use online and successfully negotiate a licensing fee on Jamie’s behalf. Not only was Jamie impressed that Pixsy was able to get a response from the infringer but he was also impressed that they were able to recover revenue and do it so quickly. Now, Pixsy’s active image monitoring technology and case management services have taken the hard work out of handling copyright infringements for Jamie. He uses Pixsy’s smart filter system to quickly see where businesses have used his images without permission. When a large company has used his work without permission, Pixsy’s case management team recover compensation so Jamie can go about his business and continue creating.