October 13, 2017

What is copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement of a photo occurs when a picture is copied, displayed or utilised in a new work without the permission of the author. Commercial copyright infringement is extremely damaging to the livelihood of artists and carries stiff penalties under the law.Examples of commercial copyright infringement involving photos include:

  1. Reusing a picture you found on Google Images on your company's website
  2. Using a photo outside the stated license terms
  3. Publishing Flickr photos in an advertising campaign

Note that as a business owner and the ultimate end user, you are ultimately responsible for the content on your company's website and social media. Always be sure to verify the source of photos supplied by designers.

At PIXSY, our goal is to promote good copyright practices. Our view is that great photos are meant to be shared. However, we also support a fair day's pay for a fair day's work for artists and believe it is up to the photographer to decide how they wish to distribute their work.

We take a strong stance against commercial copyright infringement. After all, it's only fair to those companies and organisations who make the effort to properly license content in the first place.

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