Mike Boss

Mike Boss finds the time where he can to pursue his passion, photography. With impressive results.

Photo by Mike Boss
Forest Pre-Dawn by Mike Boss

Mike Boss finds the time where he can to pursue his passion, photography. With impressive results. Mike calls the New Forest home and is situated on the Hampshire/Dorset border in the UK. This allows him to take full advantage of the diverse land and seascapes he’s surrounded by. He’s also turned his hand to astrophotography, and when he can find the patience, nature shots. Mike likes to revisit locations to study and capture the differences that nature has created, especially through the changing seasons.

It’s clear the impact the local landscapes have had on Mike’s work. He is, by his own admission, obsessed with lines. Geometric shapes and patterns are prevalent in both his landscape and architectural work, “Lines, I love lines (who doesn’t?!) I love seeing the shapes and patterns in the buildings and also looking for the small details, often as part of a much larger structure, that tell a story”.

Parkin New York by Mike Boss

Working in nature is not without its problems, “With all the planning and best intentions in the world, you need to be prepared that when you get to a location, the weather conditions may completely throw all of your plans out of the window”, but Mike adapts where he can and keeps an open mind; often challenging conditions are an opportunity for a great shot.

Dorset by Mike Boss

Mike first picked up a DSLR ten years ago and today shoots on an old Fuji XE1 which he jokes “is almost as old as the Jurassic coast itself”. His hobby has led to commissioned work. He has shot opium poppy fields for a farm manager, as well as undertaking a shoot for a large brewery. Although he hasn’t travelled specifically for photography, he has taken any opportunity he’s had to take pictures, “New York was probably a particular favorite, shooting the architecture and also some street shots”. With some smaller competition wins under his belt Mike is keen to enter more if the deadlines don’t fly past him as he juggles life both as a hobbyist photographer, and father.

Misty Bridge by Mike Boss

With a son who is studying photography at school and who is keen to follow in his Dad’s creative footsteps, Mike dedicates as much time as possible to encourage his son’s creative endeavors, “I particularly enjoy shooting with him as he has often spotted details or locations that I have completely missed”. It’s also nice that he can offer advice, “not that he needs it”. Mike strives to improve his work as much as possible and is always trying new and different techniques.

The New Forest by Mike Boss

A thirst for knowledge and self-improvement are the hallmarks of many hobby photographers, and Mike is among their ranks “I want to improve as much as possible and continue trying new techniques”. He credits Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko as an influence, saying that he has made him think more about the way that he shoots. Rodchenko’s photography was marked by stark angles and contrasts, a theme also found in the lines and symmetry of Mike’s work. He also follows other photographers on platforms like Instagram and will adapt and try different methods, “not always successfully, but I do try!”

Mike belongs to the 64% of photographers who have had their images used without their permission. “When I first signed up with Pixsy, I was amazed just how many times my images were being used without my permission online”. Mike’s shots have been used for a variety of commercial purposes, and Pixsy has been able to successfully recover fair pay for him.

Diamond In The Sky by Mike Boss

When asked what advice he would offer aspiring photographers, he says “Make the time, get out and shoot as often as you can.  Explore your local area so you know it intimately. Revisit locations at different times of the day and in different seasons – it’s incredible how different a place can look in different light and weather conditions. Go to workshops and learn from other photographers, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you must always keep on learning”.

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