Automatic Image Monitoring

See Who’s Using Your Instagram Images

Your Instagram account is your world! For many artists, an Instagram account is not just about great photos, but also the main source of publicity for their professional entity. Encouraging other Instagram users to share your work is core to the platform and social media as a whole, but how can you know if people are taking your work and using it for their own purposes without your authorization or attributing you?

Pixsy’s Instagram integration allows anyone out there to see who is using their Instagram images on the searchable internet. The moment you connect Pixsy to your account, we scan the web for matches of your work and feed it back to you in an easy to consume format. Using state-of-the-art reverse image search technology, we cluster all matches of your work by domain and attribute properties to those domains to determine what type of domain it is.

It’s up to you to see who is and who is not using your work in the correct way and if you find any copyright infringement you can use Pixsy’s free services to see justice done against it.


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Discover where and how your images are being used online. Take action when they are stolen!

Track and monitor up to 100,000 images

Auto sync’d from multiple platforms

Matches automatically delivered

Easy image and match management

Automated & legally binding takedown notices

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Resolve cases of unauthorised image use & recover compensation.

No win, No fee

Pixsy manages every step

Easy submission and case management tools

Network of 26 legal partners and law firms

Fast payments worldwide within days

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How To Connect Instagram To Pixsy

Connecting Pixsy to your Instagram page is fast and easy. Click the Instagram icon your my.pixsy imports page, and allow Pixsy basic access to your profile. It’s that simple!

Pixsy will not have permission to:

  • Upload, Edit, or Replace anything on your Instagram account
  • Interact, post or otherwise engage on your behalf
  • Remove media from your account

You can disconnect Pixsy from Instagram at any time, from your Pixsy account.

Instagram Is Just The Start

Pixsy allows you to connect to most major image database platforms in order to monitor your work. Connect to the following sources:


Google Drive