Automatic Image Monitoring

Who Is Using Your Tumblr Images On The Internet?

Tumblr is great for a variety of purposes, especially as an artist in today’s world. The benefits for artists are, however, often outweighed by the risk of image theft; if it’s there for people to see, it’s there for people to take.

Pixsy allows you to find and fight images theft and, as one of our beloved integration sources, you can use your image portfolio on Tumblr to do so. Simply connect your account to Pixsy and see who’s using your work and for which purposes, on the searchable internet.

If you find any unauthorized use of your work, you can take action against copyright infringement with Pixsy’s suit of image theft fighting tools.


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Discover where and how your images are being used online. Take action when they are stolen!

Track and monitor up to 100,000 images

Auto sync’d from multiple platforms

Matches automatically delivered

Easy image and match management

Automated & legally binding takedown notices

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Resolve cases of unauthorised image use & recover compensation.

No win, No fee

Pixsy manages every step

Easy submission and case management tools

Network of 26 legal partners and law firms

Fast payments worldwide within days

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Tumblr Is Only The Beginning…

With Pixsy, you can connect to all major image database platforms to monitor your work. You can connect to the following sources:


Google Drive