January 26, 2016

Art Is Helping and Pixsy: Making a Difference, Together

Our idea behind creating Pixsy was simple — to give power back to the artist and to let the photographers decide what happens to their work.

That is why the moment Salem Krieger told us about his project Art Is Helping, that gives artists an opportunity to use their work to help those in need, we wanted to become a part of it. After all, our common goal is to give the power back to the artist.

Salem believes that Art goes beyond a pretty thing you hang on the wall or use on your website — it can help make a real difference. That is why he created a service that brings artists and charitable organizations together.

“Activists are out there doing stuff, why can’t art be a part of that? What do I have to offer as an artist? I can take some of my sales and give a portion to charities. You buy and I will give.” Salem Krieger, the founder of Art Is Helping.

How does it work?

Once artists join the program, they decide what part of their sales will go to support a non-profit. Then, when a buyer purchases the work, they automatically donate to a cause of their choice, be it feeding the homeless, helping animals at risk, or supporting the sustainability of the planet. The organizations listed on the website are merely suggestions, and the buyers can always choose another charity they’d like to support.

What do artists get from it?

How about the satisfaction from your work not only pleasing the eye but also making a real difference? Here’s what a renowned photographer James Weber thinks about the project:

“It’s everything. I create the art I do out of love. The thought that my art can at once adorn someone’s wall that appreciates it and second, help someone in need is incredible. It’s a great feeling.”

Some of the artists involved in the project include David Arky, Hana Jakrlova, Jack Perno, and many others.

How does Pixsy contribute to Art is Helping?

We want to support the artists participating in this great project. That’s why, we offer all the members of Art Is Helping a free access to the Pixsy Advance plan, that allows you to track up to 30,000 images.

Making a difference with your art is one of the best rewards an artist can get. Art Is Helping is doing a great job by giving artists a chance to make an additional contribution and change someone else’s life for the better. Join in today!

For more information about the project, check out their website: www.artishelping.com.

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