April 9, 2019

We’re partnering with Flickr to protect photographers online

Photo: A few surfers by Jonny Goerend

Our core mission is to fight for the rights of photographers and artists. Flickr strongly aligns with this mission, and today we are proud to announce a strategic partnership to protect a growing community of photographers.

Back in 2014, Pixsy set out to give power back to photographers and artists. To inform them where their photos are being used, and to make access to legal solutions easy, accessible and affordable. Protecting legal rights should not be reserved for the few. With 85% of the images being uploaded to the internet being used without a license or proper permission, the problem is widespread and happening at a large scale.

Since then, we have grown to support more than 40,000 photographers and artists across the globe, by monitoring millions of images every day across the internet and informing them of new uses. We have built a suite of tools and services to tackle unauthorized use of images and recover lost revenue by partnering with a network of international law firms to bring this protection to all our users.

To date, we’ve tackled 70,000 copyright infringement cases globally, and have famously helped Sean Heavey sue Netflix and stood with Brian McCarty as he faced ISIS, plus many more stories.

Flickr & Pixsy – Why This Partnership Matters

Flickr shares our belief that photographers have a right to protect their work.

Flickr members can now share their images on their favorite image hosting site, safe in the knowledge that Pixsy will alert them to any misuse and provide access to all the tools they need to deal with the problem. This new fully integrated solution is an industry first and offers new protection not seen before for hosting platforms.

“We want our photographers to feel comfortable sharing their work online. We offer clear controls for privacy and copyright, and we stand by our photographers in asserting their rights” says Andrew Stadlen, VP of product at Flickr. “Partnering with a company like Pixsy makes complete sense for our community and helps us deliver on what we believe is a core value at Flickr”.

The new strategic partnership with Flickr is a major development for Pixsy and we believe it signals the start of real change, especially in light of reforms to copyright law internationally. The European Parliament has passed a controversial new Copyright Directive which is set to change how sharing of images and other copyrighted materials online is regulated and enforced. The US Copyright Office is also currently undertaking extensive modernization to better meet the needs of copyright owners.

This year the issue of copyright infringement is firmly on the agenda for image creators and image users alike. Flickr and Pixsy have taken a bold step together to enforce the rights of photographers around the world.

You can find more details in the Flickr blog post.

Thank you to our community

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our community of over 40,000 who have helped us get to this amazing milestone. We’re very proud of this partnership as we feel it goes a long way to further our shared goal of making the internet a fairer place for anyone creating and sharing images online.

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