April 20, 2018

A Complete Overview Of Pixsy’s All New Features

At Pixsy, empowering you to fight image theft is our core goal, and we’re always striving to make the tools we offer to do this even better! So, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve re-developed our platform to give you the best Pixsy experience to date.

Based on your feedback, we have completely redesigned everything from the ground up:

  • Modern and streamlined design
  • Vast improvements to the backend and infrastructure
  • Lightning fast performance
  • Re-designed match management
  • Smart filters
  • Advanced search queries
  • Grouped matches
  • Match viewer and keyboard shortcuts
  • Bulk Actions
  • New supported countries
  • A redesigned case submission form
  • Detailed case overviews
  • International and automatic takedown tool

Match Management

We have completely re-built and re-designed match management to allow you to identify and take action on your matches quickly and efficiently. Matches are grouped by domain and enriched with useful data.

Match Overview

The all new match overview page gives you an organized general overview of your matches. Matches are now organized by country (where the domain operates from), use type (like commercial or matches we believe qualify as ‘submittable‘), as well as website type (blog, media/newspaper and so on). Each card is clickable and takes you to a filtered view.

Grouped by Domain

Now, all matches are grouped by domain in one simple overview, from which you can take action on bulk or single matches.

Smart match filters

Easily find what you are looking for with our smart filters. These are automatically compiled based on your matches and enable you to build custom search queries (to find exactly what you are looking for, fast).

Search & Filter

That’s right, you can search and filter your matches by building search queries:

Approve and Ignore matches

You can now approve and ignore matches on a website with ease. This action doesn’t just apply to the whole website or a single match; the action can be applied at any URL depth. New management tools allow you to manage ignored and approved lists.

Keyboard shortcuts

We know that manual match reviewing can be time-consuming, so we have added new keyboard shortcuts to make processing matches super fast.

Automatic pre-filling of data

There is no need to repeat the same image data entry twice. Our new system remembers previous responses stored with an image and re-fills them for future case submission.

Case Dashboard

Keeping you informed and up-to-date about every stage of your case is extremely important to us. The Case dashboard now gives you live access and updates to each case throughout the entire process.

Improved Case Resolution

As we continue to grow and expand our case resolution offerings, we are pleased to launch into new jurisdictions.

In the past months, we have continued to grow our jurisdictions coverage, slashed processing times by 70% and resolved record numbers of cases for our customers. To date, we have handled over 40,000 cases and actively partner with over 25 leading local legal partners for expert handling and enforcement.

International Takedown Notices

You can now send takedown notices to a domain (or host) in bulk. The new form is SUPER simple, and you can send a legally compliant notice in 15 jurisdictions and languages (and counting) – depending on where the site is.

So, there you have it! The all-new Pixsy platform. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

We are only just getting started. Keep an eye out over the next few months as we launch even more useful features.

Log in to your my.pixsy account now and try it out for yourself!

All the best,

The Pixsy Team

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