March 31, 2016

What to Do When Your Photo Is Stolen: Pixsy Presentation at Adorama

Two weeks ago, Pixsy founder Daniel Foster gave a presentation at Adorama store in New York. He shared the detailed tips on handling cases of copyright infringement in photography and walked the photographers through the process step-by-step.

Daniel explained that to determine whether it is an actual case of copyright infringement or not, one should ask these questions:

  • Did an agency licence the photo?
  • Did you give away the rights without realizing it (beware of online contests and old emails)?
  • Is it really your photo (perhaps, it’s a popular landmark photographed from the same spot by multiple photographers)?
  • Is it fair use?

He also shared practical tips on handling the communication with an infringer.

Also during his presentation, Daniel shared tips on how photographers can prevent image theft in the first place, explained how one can determine a rate for a stolen image, and revealed some of the excuses Pixsy hears from infringers on a daily basis.

To see the whole presentation, check out the video below.

Were you in the audience and forgot to ask a question? Or, perhaps, you’d love to cover some questions beyond the scope of presentation?

Ask away in the comments!

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