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Introducing a fully integrated solution for SmugMug members to fight online image theft.


What does Pixsy do?

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Monitor your images

Automatic active monitoring of your SmugMug images. Our advanced software solution never stops searching for matches of your work online and will alert you when it finds new uses.

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Recover lost revenue

Found an infringement? Submit a case and our specialist team of copyright experts and local legal partners can recover your lost licensing revenue for you. No win, no fee.

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Issue automated takedowns

Instantly send one-click takedown notices to remove your images from the internet. Pixsy takedowns can be sent worldwide, matching the law and language of the local country.


SmugMug Members

2,000 images monitored monthly
10 takedown notices
Unlimited case submissions
Savings of more than $234.00 per year


What you get?

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Deep Integration

SmugMug members can sync their images with Pixsy via a one-click full integration. It’s quick and easy to set up and will give you automatic active image protection.

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Automatic Match

Our technology never stops searching for matches of your work online. You will receive email alerts as soon as new matches are found.

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Access to all
Pixsy features

When Pixsy finds an infringement SmugMug members can take action! Send a takedown notice or authorize Pixsy to recover revenue for the use on your behalf.

Growing Community

Over 80,000 creatives from 120+ countries trust Pixsy

Pixsy's service lets me take advantage of the expertise I don’t have with respect to copyright law and gives me support when dealing with unauthorized use of my photos around the globe.
Arno Jenkins

Portland, Oregon, USA

My experience with the service Pixsy provides photographers has been rewarding to say the least. Easy to use, and even easier to collect payments from copyright infringers. If you value your image rights, you should be using Pixsy.
Jamie MacDonald

Michigan, USA

The only service online, not only aimed to fight for you copyright rights, but also that helps you in searching for violations worldwide. A fantastic team that provides a great support.
Stefano Corso

Rome, Italy


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