June 1, 2021

Frederik Stilke

Children in difficult circumstances telling their story through Photography

Photo: Sohaib Ghyasi

At Pixsy, our world revolves around standing up for the rights of photographers, artists, and creators. When representing our artists to resolve unauthorized commercial uses of their work, this can involve confrontation at times as we work towards a resolution. To turn some of the heated discussions we have on behalf of our clients into positive energy for the creative community, we have been donating to photography-related charitable causes over the past year. To help nurture this positivity, we’ve been donating to an incredible organization: 100cameras, a global nonprofit organization empowering children all over the world to tell their stories through photography. With a range of flagship projects spanning from New York, to Havana, to Khanke in Kurdistan-Iraq, and beyond, 100cameras are delivering photography skills and equipment for young people to capture their diverse and challenging experiences.

Source: 100cameras Flagship Khanke from 100cameras on Vimeo.

Working with kids aged between 10 and 18, 100cameras has designed a curriculum that takes learners on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to process their experiences and understand their potential to make an impact on their environment and the people around them.Pixsy’s community is well aware of the beauty and alchemy of photography: from its capacity to reveal stories in ways that transcend words, to the soul-enriching satisfaction of self-expression. 100cameras helps children realize these benefits while building their confidence and encouraging them to take ownership of their narratives and find their feet in an uncertain world.

Each lesson includes opportunities for students to examine and transform negative emotions or perspectives, by providing empowering tools that let them tell their stories in their way and their voice. What’s more, the children’s photography is then sold and routed back into the local economy, funding relevant projects and supplies that directly benefit the community, from food and medicine to computers and cooling systems.

A UN report entitled Cradled by Conflict cited the work of 100cameras as an example of how visual storytelling can help children process trauma and lead to better outcomes. It outlined how young people who feel heard and valued are more likely to contribute positively to their community and thrive in work and life.

To date, 100cameras has supported over 23,000 participants worldwide through their platforms. Their Snapshot Projects platform pulls together the entire curriculum, equipment, and training, along with a decade’s worth of experience to create a kit for those who want to run a 100cameras project in a community they care about. We’re glad to help channel the positivity of photography through an inspiring organization like 100cameras and look forward to supporting more of their amazing work in the new year. You can support the communities of their budding photographers by purchasing prints here: https://www.100cameras.org/shop-categoriesor their worldwide photobook of youth participants here: https://www.100cameras.org/blog/2020/12/05/to-see-the-world-in-just-one-book

Frederik Stilke

Frederik is a budding young photographer with a passion for street and urban photography. He is experimenting with analog photography and prints. Frederik is part of the Marketing team here at Pixsy.

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