April 17, 2019

Natalie Holmes

From Adventure to Authenticity: Top five photography trends for 2019

Photo: Michelle Hunder

Keeping up to date with trends is a key part of creating consistently successful photographic content. We’ve tapped into our network and scoured the web to compile five of the biggest image themes to focus your lens on in 2019.

1. Bold and courageous

Bold colors are undoubtedly in this year. But for Pixsy photographer Michelle Grace Hunder (Instagram), boldness goes beyond mere hues. “I’m interested in images that take risks and pay off,” she says. “Ones that make you stop scrolling for just that moment longer; bold and courageous photography that stands out from the rest of the pack.”

© Michelle Grace Hunder

2. Travel and adventure

Alluring images from destinations across the globe remain popular. “I see a focus on travel and adventure that is inspiring me and everyone I know to get out there and see the world and share it through their lenses,” says Pixsy photographer Jamie MacDonald (Instagram) “2019 in my social feeds has seen a continuation of some trends from last year: Desaturated and matte looks, split toned landscapes, and plenty of travel and adventure! So far? I love it!”

© 2018 Jamie A. MacDonald

3. Diversity and authenticity

The rise of fake news and filter bubbles have bolstered demand for authentic content, and that extends to photography. “Content creators [are] hungry for material that better represents the world they identify with — one that is diverse and inclusive,” StoryBlocks CEO TJ Leonard told Digital Trends.

Photo by Audi Nissen

4. Retro revival

Shutterstock’s predictions for 2019 revolve around nostalgia and revival. Inspired by the rebirth of analog culture and a thriving zine scene setup in opposition to mass digitization, the trend is “built on principles of collage, and largely influenced by the invention of the photocopier, it's paper cutouts, noise and grain textures, and rough-edged layers...”

Photo by Sunyu

5. Brand ethics and social causes

In line with the macro trend of conscious consumption, brands and organizations are increasingly aware of the impact of ethical imagery. According to StockPhotoSecrets, “We can expect to see images of a raw, close up perspective showcasing the dangers of mindless consumerism, and those that provide a powerful voice to the desire for change.”

Photo by John Cameron

Natalie Holmes

Natalie is a resident writer and editor at Pixsy HQ. She contributes expert articles to the Pixsy Academy and also has a keen interest in telling stories from within the Pixsy community.

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