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Pixsy is an award-winning legal-tech service for online image protection. Pixsy is actively protecting the visual property of more than 150,000 photographers, agencies, artists, illustrators, and media companies. Their pioneering AI-powered software is currently monitoring more than 150 million images. Working with 26 partner law firms to uphold rights, Pixsy has handled 140,000 copyright infringement cases and has recovered millions in lost licensing revenue, helping to safeguard the future of our creative industries.


Pixsy’s mission is to empower creatives around the world to be in control of where and how their work is used online. We provide a suite of tailor-made tools and services to find, manage, and resolve cases of copyright infringement. Pixsy ensures easy access for artists to expert legal advice and support, and recovers lost licensing revenue on their behalf. We take complicated copyright and intellectual property law and make it easy and accessible for everyone.

Key Facts & Figures

→ Founded in 2014 by creatives, for creatives to find and fight image theft.

→ 85% of the images uploaded to the web are used without permission or license.

→ >Pixsy monitors more than 150 million images for 150,000+ clients each day online.

→ Pixsy search technology has found 300 million matches of our client’s images.

→ Pixsy has handled 140,000 cases of copyright infringement and partners with 26 different law firms internationally.

→ Named Best Online Image Protection Platform in the Technology Elite Awards 2019.

→ Named Top 10 Intellectual Property Management Service Companies 2021 in the CIO Magazine Awards.

→ We partner with industry-leading associations and integrate with all major platforms.

→ Global copyright enforcement provider for leading agencies including the New York Times

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Press Releases

08-OCT-2021 – The New York Times Company Selects Pixsy to Monitor Image Copyright Globally
“Protecting the integrity of our journalism, including our powerful and creative photographs, is extremely important to our business. Pixsy has a solid track record of protecting the rights of creators and photographers through their copyright and monitoring tools,” said Michael Greenspon, global head, NYT Licensing & Print Innovation, The New York Times.

31-JUL-2021 – Pixsy Awarded “Top 10 Intellectual Property Management Service Companies 2021” by CIO Magazine
The annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Intellectual Property Management services and transforming businesses.

08-MAR-2021 – Professional Photographers of America and Pixsy Join Forces to Protect Photographers’ Rights
Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Pixsy are partnering to help photographers protect their work from copyright infringement.

26-AUG-2020 – SmugMug and Pixsy partner to protect the rights of photographers
SmugMug and Pixsy today announced a strategic partnership to provide their growing community of photographers with all the assistance they need in finding where and how their images are being used online.

19-DEC-2019 – Pixsy Named Best Online Image Protection Platform
Pixsy has been named the “Best Online Image Protection Platform” in the Technology Elite Awards 2019 by US Business News.

28-NOV-2019 – Pixsy and Cherrydeck partner to protect photographers on Instagram
Pixsy and Cherrydeck partner to bring robust image monitoring and copyright protection to professional photographers on Instagram.

10-SEP-2019 – Pixsy acquires blockchain image protection startup
Today all Binded users can enjoy our market-leading copyright registration and case resolution services. Since 2017 Binded have grown their community to over 15,000 creatives who protect their copyrights.

09-APR-2019 – Pixsy & Flickr announce a strategic partnership
A new strategic partnership between industry giant Flickr and Pixsy, an image monitoring and legal-tech service, offers photographers the first-ever, fully integrated end-to-end solution to protect their work.

18-SEP-2018 – Netflix sued by photographer Sean Heavey
When Sean Heavey saw one of his images used in hit Netflix show “Stranger Things”, as well as Netflix original film “How It Ends”, he knew he had to stand up for his rights as a creative. With the support of legal-tech service Pixsy, he filed a lawsuit to protect his copyright.

5-JUL-2018 – Brammer v. Violent Hues
The copyright industry is rallying behind leading image protection service Pixsy, and specialist Lawyer David Deal – as they fight a controversial court ruling.

7-MAR-2018 – Pixsy: To Blockchain or not to Blockchain
Pixsy’s CEO, Kain Jones, details what all the hype is about and how Blockchain applies to photographers and image owners.

24-APR-2018 – The “monkey selfie” saga is FINALLY over
In 2011 nature photographer David Slater traveled to the forests of Indonesia, where he encountered a curious crested macaque by the name of Naruto. A series of events were set in motion, that left photographers, lawyers, and animal rights activists across the globe enthralled. The resulting image, dubbed “the monkey selfie” started a fascinating court battle that finally came to a close yesterday.

15-JUL-2015 – What to do when ISIS steals your photo
Dealing with a typical case if image theft is one thing, but what do you do when the worlds largest terrorist organization steals your work?

26-SEP-2014 – Is Etsy the new silk road for copyright infringement?
“When Pixsy’s founder Daniel Foster found his work being sold on Etsy, he decided to investigate”

Media & Awards

31-JUL-2021 – CIO Magazine: Deliverying Best-of-breed Online Image Protection

18-SEP-2020 – BBC: How photographers track down stolen pictures

18-SEP-2020 – Yahoo News: ‘They used my picture and I should’ve got paid for it’

06-MAR-2020 – Flickr: How Flickr Pro photographer Jamie MacDonald fights image theft with Pixsy

29-NOV-2019 – Yahoo Finance: Pixsy and Cherrydeck Partner to Protect Photographers on Instagram

29-NOV-2019 – Market Watch: Pixsy Protects Photographers on Instagram

10-SEP-2019 – Yahoo Finance: Pixsy acquires blockchain-based copyright platform

10-SEP-2019 – The Street: Pixsy acquires copyright platform Binded

10-APR-2019 – DP Review: Flickr partners with Pixsy to create end-to-end platform for protecting image copyrights

09-APR-2019 – Digital Trends: Back off, photo thieves: Flickr alerts photographers to image theft with Pixsy

09-APR-2019 – BBC: Flickr adds photo theft detection tool with Pixsy

09-APR-2019 – PetaPixel: Flickr Teams Up With Pixsy For The First End To End Photo Theft Solution

21-MAR-2019 – Modula: How To Protect Your Website From Image Theft

15-JAN-2019 – Capture Mag: To Catch A Thief – Dealing With Copyright Theft

26-OCT-2018 – Visual1st: Special Recognition Award

24-OCT-2018 – SONY Alpha Universe: The PRO-Files: Enforce Your Copyrights With Ease

15-APR-2018 – Lifehacker: Figure Out Where Your Photos Are Illegally Being Used Online

8-JAN-2018 – Scott Davenport Photography: My First Copyright Resolution With Pixsy

29-MAR-2017 – Wired: Forget customer-service teams, these automated systems will get you that refund

29-DEC-2016 – PetaPixel: Pixsy State Of Photo Theft 2016

29-OCT-2016 – DIY Photography: I Just Made $2500 From A Single Copyright Infringement And You Can Too

2-JUN-2016: Moreno Geremetta: Copyright Is Now Protected With Pixsy

9-NOV-2015 – Daily Mail: ISIS stole artist’s photo and used it as propaganda to recruit new members via Twitter

28-OCT-2015 – El Mundo: When IS steals a photograph

1-AUG-2015 – The (UK) Guild of Photographers: Proud to team up with the worlds leading image protection business!

5-OCT-2014 – F Stoppers: New Online Service Aims To Tackle Copyright Infringement


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