Warning! This work is under active protection.

What is Protected By Pixsy?

An image or website marked with ‘Protected by Pixsy’ warns that the owner of that work actively protects it. Unauthorized use of this work may result in legal action being taken against you.

The Pixsy platform actively monitors over 100 million images each day. Pixsy clients are notified of each and every case of duplicate versions of their protected work and can take legal action to recover compensation. Pixsy believes and upholds the legal rights of its clients.

If you are reading this message, we recommend you contact the image owner before any attempted use of their images. Seek permission and/or purchase a valid license before using an image.

Photographers and other visual artists make a living from licensing their work.

Who is Pixsy?

Pixsy is an international licensing and copyright agent, with offices in California, Berlin, London, and Sydney, and acts on behalf of 100,000 photographers and creatives in 125+ countries to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights.

Pixsy, together with our global network of 26 law firms and legal partners, pursue matters of unauthorized use of our clients’ work including; licensing, legal action, and related copyright infringement litigation.

Pixsy has developed and maintains a world-class image detection platform and monitors over 100,000,000 images daily for unauthorized use on the internet. Any use of our clients’ images is detected, tracked, and documented.


Clients use Pixsy from 125 countries


Image monitored daily across the internet


Image matches discovered online


Partner law firms around the world

Educate yourself

Please refer to our academy for advice on how to navigate Copyright and correct image use.

*Disclaimer: Claim’s that the referenced image(s) is under the protection of Pixsy is based on the warrant and statement of the badge/watermark user. Pixsy makes no warrant that any given image is under their active protection at any time.