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Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 325 customer reviews.

Mrs C. Avatar
Mrs C.
20 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Excellent process from start to finish
Maria D. Avatar
Maria D.
12 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Super quick resolution of case.
David L. Avatar
David L.
12 May 2023 - Trustpilot
case resolved quickly, profitably and without fuss
Rajveer K. Avatar
Rajveer K.
09 May 2023 - Trustpilot
I love Photography
David Avatar
05 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Professional and prompt service!
r.Friederichs Avatar
05 May 2023 - Trustpilot
Pixsy helpt me to get my pictures offline and get compensation for the abuse of my pictures
Tom G. Avatar
Tom G.
03 May 2023 - Trustpilot
very happy with the result . Couldn't have achieved it on my own
Christina C. Avatar
Christina C.
30 Apr 2023 - Trustpilot
Love this company! Fantastic customer service with Pixsy. I really feel I have them on my side. Extremely helpful and always exceeding my expectations.
Lei H. Avatar
Lei H.
22 Apr 2023 - Trustpilot
What really stood out to me was the level of expertise and attention to detail that Pixsy provided. Overall, I would highly recommend Pixsy to any photographers in need of leg... [read more]
Ravel A. Avatar
Ravel A.
22 Apr 2023 - Google
Thanks to Pixsy we can see who's using our images without authorization. Great service and easy to use!
Klaus H. Avatar
Klaus H.
15 Apr 2023 - Trustpilot
Very good and perfect work! 🎩 Off !
Alexander P. Avatar
Alexander P.
10 Apr 2023 - Trustpilot
The quality is great and the customer service is always great!
Michalis M. Avatar
Michalis M.
31 Mar 2023 - Trustpilot
Pixsy has traced several cases of my work being used for advertising purposes without my permission. I have already submitted a case with Pixsy to take care of these cases on ... [read more]
Greet D. Avatar
Greet D.
31 Mar 2023 - Trustpilot
Pixsy came to a positive outcome and handled it fast.
Mark K. Avatar
Mark K.
25 Mar 2023 - Trustpilot
Pixsy was great handling my case and, beyond my expectations, got me a cash settlement for unlicensed use of my photos.
Barbara Avatar
23 Mar 2023 - Trustpilot
Great, thorough communication. It's wonderful knowing someone has your back and can do the leg work that Pixsy does!
Alessandro I. Avatar
Alessandro I.
23 Mar 2023 - Trustpilot
The best choice to protect the copyrights of our images online and offline. Very professional and transparent.
David Avatar
06 Mar 2023 - Trustpilot
They made it easy for me to get paid for unauthorised use of my work in 2 cases now. Their email responses were prompt when I had questions, too. I took one star off because o... [read more]
CK Avatar
28 Feb 2023 - Trustpilot
Pixsy has been great for finding unauthorized uses of my photographs and resolving cases with entities using them for commercial purposes. They are very professional and keep ... [read more]
22 Feb 2023 - Trustpilot
a fantastic service that has generated a significant income stream for me
Damian H. Avatar
Damian H.
22 Feb 2023 - Google
Fantastic service, friendly and very competent staff. 5 stars without question!
Alex Avatar
08 Feb 2023 - Trustpilot
Easy to work with and great service.
Peet d. Avatar
Peet d.
03 Feb 2023 - Trustpilot
Pixsy has helped me many times to make the people who illegally use my photos pay for the use.
Anthony Avatar
12 Jan 2023 - Trustpilot
I have been working with Pixsy for the past four years and I am quite satisfied with their efforts and results. They have an excellent user interface and which masterfully dis... [read more]
Vision T. Avatar
Vision T.
12 Jan 2023 - Trustpilot
They made seeing that my image was used in a commercial setting easy. They handled my case professionally and fairly for all involved. It was nice to see that they have compas... [read more]
Ben S. Avatar
Ben S.
10 Jan 2023 - BBB
Pixsy does amazing work. Through the efforts their team, I have been able to recover compensation for previously unauthorized image usages that I would have never been able to... [read more]
Cliente Avatar
07 Jan 2023 - Trustpilot
Unexpected income, everything in the background. Fore pictures I took 20 years ago?
Morgan H. Avatar
Morgan H.
07 Jan 2023 - BBB
I am VERY happy with Pixsy's hard work and service in recovering lost revenue from copyright infringers. As a creative professional whose work is frequently stolen and used wi... [read more]
Ben S. Avatar
Ben S.
06 Jan 2023 - BBB
Pixsy does amazing work. Through the efforts their team, I have been able to recover compensation for previously unauthorized image usages that I would have never been able to... [read more]
Phil S. Avatar
Phil S.
24 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
I use Pixsy to look after my image library and rely on them to monitor for unauthorised usages of my work across the internet. To date, I have been able to recover commercial ... [read more]
David H. Avatar
David H.
21 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
Great service. Thanks.
John Avatar
16 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
The staff is friendly and very helpful. I didn’t know that my images were being used commercially. Helped me with my case and resolved it
Mike O. Avatar
Mike O.
14 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
Nothing but amazing things to say about Pixsy. Had little expectations but have actually succeeded in sending out claims that have resulted in actual payments from copyright v... [read more]
Culinary G. Avatar
Culinary G.
11 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
Very quick responses to cases that are eligible or not and had great success.
James E. Avatar
James E.
09 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
Pixsy have been excellent for me in finding and sending license requests to unauthorised users. Sometimes cases can take a while and some get discontinued, but others do resu... [read more]
Tamás H. Avatar
Tamás H.
06 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
Pixsy have arranged my claim successfully.
Koi S. Avatar
Koi S.
01 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
They were able to protect my intellectual properties!
Marcia M. Avatar
Marcia M.
01 Dec 2022 - Trustpilot
I really appreciate how the folks at Pixsy stayed in touch with me and kept me updated with each case that I submitted. I will continue to use their service.
Jeff F. Avatar
Jeff F.
20 Nov 2022 - Trustpilot
I don't get many of these to pay off so just happy
Addsy Avatar
18 Nov 2022 - Trustpilot
This is a unique company that takes over and fixes the problem when you don't know where to turn or even where to start when your images show up on the web without your permis... [read more]
Alessandro C. Avatar
Alessandro C.
11 Nov 2022 - Trustpilot
It's always great to work with the Pixsy Team. They work hard to get the job done and protect artist rights.
Karsten G. Avatar
Karsten G.
07 Nov 2022 - Trustpilot
Pixsy serves the candidates/opportunities to claim compensation for unauthorized use on a silver platter; I just need to pick them. Plus, they take full care of all communica... [read more]
Steven Avatar
05 Nov 2022 - Trustpilot
Great website, service and money generator. For many years Pixsy succesfully win cases for me and it does not take anything from my own time. I am very happy, and also my wall... [read more]
Matthew W. Avatar
Matthew W.
03 Nov 2022 - Trustpilot
I love Pixsy ! They are 100% for photographers rights. I have recovered tens of thousands of dollars in copyright infringements and have faith in the world again after being r... [read more]
Klaus H. Avatar
Klaus H.
02 Nov 2022 - Trustpilot
What can I say? PIXSY is perfect and successful. Okay, the software could still be improved, but all in all I'm very satisfied. As an expression of this, I am again sending a ... [read more]