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Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 277 customer reviews.

Peggy R. Avatar
Peggy R.
28 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

My photo was being used by a business without permission or payment. Pixsy resolved this issue and the business paid a fee. I received a payment of 50%, of the fee, with the ... [read more]

Kim Avatar
20 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

Pixsy regularly succeeds in making infringers pay for photos used without permission.

Joan C. Avatar
Joan C.
16 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

Pixsy recovers several payments for me every year, something that I could never accomplish on my own. They do all the work, how great is that!

Candice M. Avatar
Candice M.
16 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

With Pixsy's help, I've been able to get paid for the unauthorized use of my images. Even if the unauthorized use isn't a case where payment can be recovered, Pixsy helps with... [read more]

Nick K. Avatar
Nick K.
13 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

Fantastic company. They're very professional and responsive. I've dealt wth them for some time now, and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Daniel S. Avatar
Daniel S.
11 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

Pixsy provides great service. The search bot is pretty thorough, has a friendly interface to filter and review matches. When ao case is found, they are effective in pursuing v... [read more]

magillagorilla Avatar
06 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

I really like this company, they provide a great service and I appreciate the regular emails I get showing recent or new activity regarding my photographs. I enjoy looking thr... [read more]

Niels H. Avatar
Niels H.
03 Oct 2022 - Trustpilot

Pixsy helps us detecting copyright infringements of our images and to fight for compensation or gets them down for us. We are significantly saving time as lots of the parts ar... [read more]

Dennis R. Avatar
Dennis R.
15 Sep 2022

I had been using Pixsy for a few years for monitoring when they extended their jurisdictions to include my country. I have since submitted a lot of cases that Pixsy have succe... [read more]

Kneale Q. Avatar
Kneale Q.
23 Aug 2022 - Google

PIXSY staff kept at it, didn’t give up and came through with a win…well done!

Alan B. Avatar
Alan B.
23 Aug 2022 - Trustpilot

Connecting with Pixsy has been one of the best business decisions I've ever made. It would be impossible for me to track down and resolve all of the copyright infringements o... [read more]

Mike K. Avatar
Mike K.
03 Aug 2022 - Facebook

Received several settlements so far using this service.

William H. Avatar
William H.
11 Jul 2022 - Facebook

Thorough search and a great help.

Kelly G. Avatar
Kelly G.
11 Jul 2022 - Trustpilot

Pixsy allows you access to their service even if you don't pay them a monthly monitoring fee- which is unheard of. Their monthly reports help me manage my intellectual proper... [read more]

Joan C. Avatar
Joan C.
30 Jun 2022

What's not to love? Pixsy does all the work and I make some money in the end!

Eva C. Avatar
Eva C.
28 Jun 2022 - Facebook

Tengo una cuenta gratuita y gracias a Pixsy conseguí cobrar por el uso no autorizado de una de mis fotografías. No fue necesario tratar directamente con el infractor, ya que e... [read more]

PAUL B. Avatar
23 Jun 2022 - Google

Photo thief is real. With Pixsy you can find those sites that give credit and links to your photos and those sites that claim your work as theirs and make money off of your la... [read more]

Leah F. Avatar
Leah F.
12 May 2022 - Facebook

I highly recommend Pixsy. I have been using them for a few years and have settled dozens of cases - it feels empowering to be compensated for rampant infringement and to feel ... [read more]

Nick R. Avatar
Nick R.
20 Apr 2022 - Facebook

Once again Pixsy has recovered royalies from a photo of mine that was appropriated. The infringing company is based in Australia and without Pixy's diligence I would never hav... [read more]

Francesco G. Avatar
Francesco G.
05 Apr 2022

The justice. Easy, clean, fast.

Mario T. Avatar
Mario T.
28 Feb 2022 - Google

Thanks to Pixsy, I got paid for the unauthorized use of my photos twice so far. They get the job done! Both times everything was pretty much on autopilot, once you submit a ca... [read more]

Ivo C. Avatar
Ivo C.
28 Feb 2022 - Google

Great platform to protect photographers interests!

Doug R. Avatar
Doug R.
09 Feb 2022

As a commercial photographer, they are the only way to fight the theft of my creative work.

Joseph M. Avatar
Joseph M.
08 Feb 2022

Pixsy does a great job syncing all my images from multiple sources into one east to review site. Their image cross referencing is very accurate. The process to identify unauth... [read more]

Das M. Avatar
Das M.
03 Feb 2022 - Facebook

Thanks to Pixsy, I got paid for the unauthorized use of my photos twice so far. They get the job done! Both times everything was pretty much on autopilot, once you submit a ca... [read more]

Mario T. Avatar
Mario T.
03 Feb 2022 - Trustpilot

Thanks to Pixsy, I got paid for the unauthorized use of my photos twice so far. They get the job done! Both times everything was pretty much on autopilot, once you submit a ca... [read more]

Stefan J. Avatar
Stefan J.
31 Jan 2022 - Google

Do you need help protecting your photos online? Sure you do. I would recommend using Pixsy. They do a great job and will help you when someone is using your work without your... [read more]

Deborah j. Avatar
Deborah j.
11 Jan 2022

You keep me updated, you help protect my livelihood, and you remove the complex burden of protecting my copyright from my busy schedule.

Belanne P. Avatar
Belanne P.
01 Jan 2022 - Facebook

It's a pretty simple site to use. When I have a question I get a response quickly.

Kevin M. Avatar
Kevin M.
31 Dec 2021 - Google

I had Covid and had brain fog for a few days after I got better so could not concentrate, I spent 3 days going though 3000 Pixy matches. I started over 100 cases and they have... [read more]

BigStreetGuns Avatar
21 Dec 2021 - Google

Being a photographer is hard even without the people infringing on one's work. Pixsy is one of only a few companies worldwide that help photographers recover lost income, by h... [read more]

Kneale Q. Avatar
Kneale Q.
16 Dec 2021

A few years ago I was tracking down copyright offenders myself. I had success with several take-downs and recovered payment on 10 illegally used photos but when I added up th... [read more]

Lin P. Avatar
Lin P.
09 Dec 2021 - Google

it's an amazing website, the best I've found on internet to protect your pictures. They always advice you if someone has stolen your pictures and they help you to remove the s... [read more]

Mark C. Avatar
Mark C.
07 Dec 2021 - Trustpilot

I actually really like Pixsy, the staff are friendly and always respond timely to emails and requests, they do some good scanning of items and finding people using your images... [read more]

Gregory M. Avatar
Gregory M.
30 Nov 2021 - Trustpilot

There is finally a easy way to find your artwork being used with or without your permission. Pixsy offers one stop to do everything.Register, copyright, worldwide matching, ... [read more]

Associazione 1. Avatar
Associazione 1.
17 Nov 2021 - Google

great way to have your creativity protected on the web

Alessandro B. Avatar
Alessandro B.
15 Nov 2021 - Trustpilot

great help to protect your work or your creativity on the web!

Barbara J. Avatar
Barbara J.
14 Nov 2021 - Facebook

Essential service for Photographers. It seems many companies think it is perfectly ok to download pictures from the internet, strip off the watermark and replace it with their... [read more]

Barbara R. Avatar
Barbara R.
14 Nov 2021 - Trustpilot

Great service for Photographers who get their work stolen, often by so called reputable companies that ought to know better. When the aforesaid download your work, remove the ... [read more]

Stefan L. Avatar
Stefan L.
12 Nov 2021 - Trustpilot

They have been so useful to me to find out what is happening to my images all over the web and the world. It's a great service to have running in the background of my online ... [read more]

MsMoniqueWilson Avatar
24 Oct 2021 - Google

There is not better platform for amateur and professionals alike. Easy to use. Highly recommend.

Antonio S. Avatar
Antonio S.
30 Sep 2021 - Facebook

Porque ajudam os fotógrafos, a detetar onde e quem usa as suas fotos indevidamente

Jannis H. Avatar
Jannis H.
30 Sep 2021 - Trustpilot

So far I have some cases running. I can't tell for the success or the outcome yet. My cases concern for example companies that stole my pictures probably in poor quality fro... [read more]

Jose E. Avatar
Jose E.
28 Sep 2021 - Facebook

The only company that made pay to companies that use our photos without any rights. Easy and clean process. A must ❤️

Mark B. Avatar
Mark B.
24 Sep 2021 - Google

Excellent organisation - generally recover 2-3 cases of copyright fraud per annum for me, for minimal input on my part - shame that they're basically ineffective in China/Russ... [read more]

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