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Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 182 customer reviews.

Colin S. Avatar
Colin S.
28 Apr 2021

Fantastic from start to finish. many thanks.

Jonni J. Avatar
Jonni J.
13 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

Have used pixsy for about a year as a ptoffesional photographer. And their image finding algoriths are amazing being able to find any picture you upload to their database on o... [read more]

Dimitris F. Avatar
Dimitris F.
10 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

Pixsy has a great team. They're kind and respond fast and they helped me solve my issue. This site is a must for every photographer!

iayestaran Avatar
09 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

I don't really have the time to police my photos, so is good to know that pixsy has your back

Moreno G. Avatar
Moreno G.
08 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

My experience with Pixsy is undoubtedly positive. Pixsy proved for the second time to be an excellent point of reference and a great help in claiming my copyright in the event... [read more]

Patrick K. Avatar
Patrick K.
08 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

Great Service, great Web User Interface!

Rob S. Avatar
Rob S.
08 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

I have been using Pixsy now for over 4 years.As an illustrator I find my work is constantly being harvested and used illegally in several counties around the world. Many peopl... [read more]

Joy Avatar
07 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

So very helpful in finding and protecting IP.

Alan B. Avatar
Alan B.
02 Apr 2021 - Trustpilot

I regularly use Pixsy, and have often had payouts for images used without my permission. They are the market leaders as far as I know, nobody does it better

Rebecca K. Avatar
Rebecca K.
31 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

This is a wonderful service. It is difficult for an artist to police the internet for intentional or unintentional use of an artist's work leaving no time to create not to me... [read more]

Pete Z. Avatar
Pete Z.
30 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

It's amazed me how many of my images are being used on other sites, Pixsy's websites shows you exactly where and offers you various option as to how you want to deal with the ... [read more]

Teresa K. Avatar
Teresa K.
30 Mar 2021

Because it provides an extremely easy and seamless way for artists to protect themselves and have someone looking out for their interest when the world at large now is full of... [read more]

Peter T. Avatar
Peter T.
25 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

quick to react, information easy to understand. Great free package. for non pro members with few (but excellent and sellable) images

Peet d. Avatar
Peet d.
18 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

As photographer I am very happy with Pixsy. They help me finding my unauthorized pictures online. Once you submitted a case (very easy to do) you can lean backwards and let th... [read more]

Scott H. Avatar
Scott H.
17 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

I am very glad I have started using Pixsy to monitor my online Images. In my very first case they were able to resolve it quickly and to my satisfaction. Without Pixsy I would... [read more]

Sean N. Avatar
Sean N.
15 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

A worthwhile service for sure.

Alison W. Avatar
Alison W.
15 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

I'm a pro photographer and this company has made me almost $1000 with one photo - they do it all! Great company

Matt M. Avatar
Matt M.
13 Mar 2021 - Google

Hard to believe that I joined up with Pixsy almost 3 years ago. Since then, the service has paid for itself.It is not without some challenges: if your image was swiped by an i... [read more]

Eric L. Avatar
Eric L.
12 Mar 2021 - Facebook

$4,700 USD won thanks to Pixsy and a picture a telecom provider stole me on his internet website. Congrats to the team! And nothing to pay!

Olivier B. Avatar
Olivier B.
10 Mar 2021 - Facebook

Great work, good communication, thank you !

Pamela Avatar
10 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

A longer process due to the pandemic but still kept informed by email and telephone. 2 cases nearly completed.

Olivier B. Avatar
Olivier B.
10 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

Thanks for what you have done, very good job ! Best regards from France.

Rob D. Avatar
Rob D.
09 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

I signed up with Pixsy about 5 years ago. I linked all my sites with them to catalogue my images . . . . . and then I forgot about it.Then three years ago I logged on just to ... [read more]

Nick K. Avatar
Nick K.
09 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

I am an Artist represented by Pixsy for years. I use Pixsy to pursue infringers of my work. They’re a legitimate and extremely effective ally. They’ve represented me on hundre... [read more]

John S. Avatar
John S.
09 Mar 2021 - Trustpilot

I have used Pixsy for several years now, and it's a great platform for photographers, helping you find unauthorised use of your images and then handling everything for you.

Yves M. Avatar
Yves M.
07 Mar 2021 - Manual

It's the best service to protect your copyrights.

Joop N. Avatar
Joop N.
27 Feb 2021 - Google

Every serious photographer should protect his photos. Pixsy is an excellent choice.

Rick H. Avatar
Rick H.
5 star rating
23 Feb 2021 - Yelp

What a great service. I use them through my flickr account and I have been financially rewarded. I could not be happier with their service.

Mike H. Avatar
Mike H.
22 Feb 2021 - Facebook

Photographers often have their work used commercially with out permission. This is where Pixsy shines. Pixsy is great for alerting copyright infringements and giving the copyr... [read more]

Peet d. Avatar
Peet d.
12 Feb 2021 - Manual

It's great that Pixsy takes care of my rights and get me payments I'd never dreamed of. Thank you so much again

Csizmás B. Avatar
Csizmás B.
09 Feb 2021 - Facebook

Pixsy is really useful and recommended protection for creative people to get them future rights.

Judy P. Avatar
Judy P.
05 Feb 2021 - Facebook

Another successful case resolved by Pixsy! It's nice to have someone else chasing after images being used without permission!

Thomas T. Avatar
Thomas T.
27 Jan 2021 - Google

Pixsy does an excellent job tracing, investigating and collecting on copyright infringement. This is a company I would recommend wholeheartedly due to their representatives’ t... [read more]

Paul T. Avatar
Paul T.
27 Jan 2021 - Google

I signed up with Pixsy at the end of last year and they managed to find several photo copyright violations that I had no idea existed. After a few dead-end cases, either becau... [read more]

Tom T. Avatar
Tom T.
15 Jan 2021 - Facebook

Pixsy does an excellent job tracing, investigating and collecting on copyright infringement. This is a company I would recommend wholeheartedly due to their representatives’ t... [read more]

Warren C. Avatar
Warren C.
11 Jan 2021 - Facebook

Always wondered if my photos were being used commercially. Fortunately Pixsy did find a few that were.

Martin G. Avatar
Martin G.
08 Jan 2021 - Facebook

I was a little sceptical about using this service, however it recently found one of my images being used within a promotional video without consent or any credit. After sendin... [read more]

Dave C. Avatar
Dave C.
27 Dec 2020 - Google

Pixsy is a fantastic service that helps visual artists navigate the perils of having their copyright misappropriated. It's free to use up until the point at which you decide t... [read more]

Lukasz P. Avatar
Lukasz P.
27 Dec 2020 - Google

I've been using Pixsy for a few years now! It's a great service that's easy to use and actually gets results!

Sara L. Avatar
Sara L.
21 Dec 2020 - Facebook

A very useful platform, I recommend Pixsy to all creative & artist out there!

Jeff C. Avatar
Jeff C.
18 Dec 2020 - Manual

You [Pixsy] are excellent in finding matches and your resolution process is seamless. Thanks!

Rachel M. Avatar
Rachel M.
14 Dec 2020 - Facebook

Great platform I recommend it to artists and photographers alike. When you actually see your work correctly identified by Pixsy then it is easy to send a take down notice. I s... [read more]

Isma B. Avatar
Isma B.
30 Nov 2020 - Facebook

Efficace ! Merci à l’équipe Pixsy .

Paul N. Avatar
Paul N.
27 Nov 2020 - Google

Awesome service that has more than paid off for me. Easy to use, efficient, and they get results.

Notley H. Avatar
Notley H.
27 Nov 2020 - Google

I'm delighted with Pixsy's hard work and service in recovering lost revenue from photo thieves. I highly recommend their services for any professional photographer.

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