Photo: James Adams

We are thrilled to announce that SmugMug and Pixsy are partnering together to make protecting the rights of photographers affordable, accessible, and stress-free!

After the great success of our partnership with Flickr, we couldn’t be more excited to now be working with SmugMug to provide their community of photographers with all the assistance they need in finding where and how their images are being used online. With this new partnership, SmugMug members will be able to instantly protect their entire collection of photos with a one-click integration, as well as utilize all the different tools Pixsy has to offer to monitor photos, prevent and fight against unlicensed use and copyright infringement.

At Pixsy, we believe that the enforcement of legal rights should not be reserved for the few, but accessible to any artist in need of support. Since our inception in 2014, we have kept to this belief, and to date, we have tackled over 100,000 copyright infringement cases across the globe. Each day, we monitor and protect over 100 million images for our 80,000 members. Over time we have built and refined a range of services to help equip creatives with the tools to recover lost licensing revenue and damages, including our extensive network of international law partners and integration with the US Copyright Office.

SmugMug & Pixsy – Why we partnered

SmugMug is a market-leading platform for photographers to share, protect, store, and sell their photos, allowing photographers to not only have beautiful photo galleries and websites but safely share and license their photos. Both Pixsy and SmugMug believe in protecting the value of creativity and hard work by putting the power in the hands of the creator.

“Pixsy is the ideal partner for our members to monitor and protect their photo’s copyrights around the globe, and we believe this integration and partnership will put photographers in control of those rights,” says Burke Culligan, VP of Product at Smugmug.

With editing and publishing workflows being complicated enough, SmugMug members can rely on the fact that the photos they upload to SmugMug will automatically be synced to Pixsy once they activate the connection for monitoring and copyright protection. SmugMug members can enjoy an exclusive benefit plan at Pixsy which includes:

  • 2,000 images monitored
  • Intuitive dashboards and alerts for new matches
  • 10 takedown notices
  • Unlimited Case Submissions
  • Savings of $234 per year
  • Details can be found here:

2020 has unfortunately been a tough year for those working in creative industries, which is why it’s more important than ever that artists get properly compensated for the work they produce. Both SmugMug and Pixsy are proud to continue to fight for the rights of artists and photographers.

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