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Pixsy features the stories, work, and life of some of our amazing creative community.

brown bear slovenia

Luka Esenko – Prolific Landscape Photographer

Luka is heavily inspired by his surroundings. He grew up immersed in photography; his father had a darkroom in their home where he became acquainted with film photography and processing at a young age.

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David Leventi: Palais Garnier, Paris, France, 2009

David Leventi – Exploring The Big Neg

After receiving his first film camera (a Leica), conflict photography is what sparked his interest in taking photos. It was later he then became fascinated by Henri Cartier-Bresson and his concept of “The Decisive Moment.”

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Human in front of waterslides

Salem Krieger – Human Connections

When not working for clients, Salem is involved with personal art projects, such as Face Without A Name, $2500/sq. foot, Art Is Helping, and his most recent series “CommoN”.

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Sleater Kinney Roundhouse Emma Swann

Emma Swann – Combined Passions

Founding DIY Magazine whilst still at uni, Emma Swann started a career that allowed her to pursue her two great passions, music and photography.

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Man in inline skates next to a pool

Nick Koudis – Made You Look

Award-winning photographer Nick Koudis has shot multiple covers of Time magazine. Since 2000, he has been photographing celebrities in Los Angeles, where he now resides.

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Place Stadium Vancouver

Arno Jenkins – The Perfect Photo

Freelance photographer and graphic designer Arno Jenkins has traveled extensively on his quest for the perfect photo.

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coast with thunderstorm und thunderbolts

Jamie MacDonald – Olympus Visionary

Jamie has been taking photos since 2008. So began a ten-year career that started when he first picked up an Olympus E-500 DSLR. His subsequent sponsorship deals have opened countless doors for him and he describes his career as “a whirlwind”.

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Michelle Grace Hunder – Her Sound Her Story

Michelle Grace Hunder is one of Australia’s premier music photographers, specializing in capturing Australia’s hip-hop scene.

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Featured Artist - Amanda Mustard

Amanda Mustard – Game Changer

It seems there is never a dull moment in the life of talented photojournalist Amanda Mustard, as she strives to show difficult topics from a fresh perspective.

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Diamond in the sky, By Mike Boss

Mike Boss – For The Love Of Lines

Mike Boss finds the time where he can to pursue his passion, photography. With impressive results.

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