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Pixsy features the stories, work, and life of some of our amazing creative community.

Salem Krieger – Human Connections

When not working for clients, Salem is involved with personal art projects, such as Face Without A Name, $2500/sq. foot, Art Is Helping, and his most recent series “CommoN”.

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Emma Swann – Combined Passions

Founding DIY Magazine whilst still at uni, Emma Swann started a career that allowed her to pursue her two great passions, music and photography.

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Nick Koudis – Made You Look

Award-winning photographer Nick Koudis has shot multiple covers of Time magazine. Since 2000, he has been photographing celebrities in Los Angeles, where he now resides.

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Arno Jenkins – The Perfect Photo

Freelance photographer and graphic designer Arno Jenkins has traveled extensively on his quest for the perfect photo.

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Jamie MacDonald – Olympus Visionary

Jamie has been taking photos since 2008. So began a ten-year career that started when he first picked up an Olympus E-500 DSLR. His subsequent sponsorship deals have opened countless doors for him and he describes his career as “a whirlwind”.

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Michelle Grace Hunder – Her Sound Her Story

Michelle Grace Hunder is one of Australia’s premier music photographers, specializing in capturing Australia’s hip-hop scene.

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Amanda Mustard – Game Changer

It seems there is never a dull moment in the life of talented photojournalist Amanda Mustard, as she strives to show difficult topics from a fresh perspective.

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Mike Boss – For The Love Of Lines

Mike Boss finds the time where he can to pursue his passion, photography. With impressive results.

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