March 21, 2016

Daniel Foster

"Don't tell my mom!" 7 Crazy Things Photo Thieves Say

Featured Photo: Aure Mar

Pixsy has contacted thousands of businesses regarding the unauthorized use of our photographers' work. Most are happy to make things right and work with us to compensate for the photographer. Others, photo thieves, find excuses and try to be a bit more creative to get out of paying a license fee or legal settlement. Here's our list of the craziest and weirdest things we've heard so far.

1. "I'm reporting you to the FBI"

Photo: Peter Kim

We're sure J. Edgar Hoover will be right over.

2. “Don't you know who I am?”

Photo: Dasha Petrenko

No, we don't. Please pay the photographer. There are no celebrity discounts at Pixsy.

3. "This is the third time this year."


That is three times too many.Many of the businesses Pixsy contacts regarding photo theft are repeat offenders.

4. "My dad's a lawyer!"

Photo: Minerva Studios

Great. Please tell him to contact us, just like you did last time.

5. "I took that picture"

Photo: Daniel Foster

"Can you tell us which camera you used?" "....That doesn't match the EXIF data, sorry."At Pixsy, we always check the facts.

6. "My wife is very pregnant"

Photo: Ivan Ko

And we're very happy for her, but what does it have to do with you stealing the photo?

7. "Don’t tell my mom!"

Photo: Aure Mar

We never thought to. Thanks for the tip, photo thieves.

Daniel Foster

As the entrepreneur and professional photographer who founded Pixsy in 2014. Daniel is an expert on topics relating to intellectual property and copyright law. Daniel is proud to have helped so many creatives in the fight against image theft.

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