December 17, 2018

How To Find Stolen Copyrighted Facebook Photos

Following recent news that Facebook photos of more than 6.8 million Facebook users have been leaked by a bug in the Facebook API, many people are wondering how to see if or what photos have been stolen, leaked or are appearing online.

Pixsy is offering dedicated support for anyone who needs help to search for potentially stolen photos, using our market leading reverse image search and AI technology. Pixsy will scan the internet for any photo matches, delivering matches back within minutes. Pixsy’s 24/7 scanner will keep you updated (via email alerts) as soon as any new matches appear.

For any stolen photos or unauthorized use, Pixsy provides legal takedown notices through their automated tool seeking removal from the website, server or host.

Pixsy has already helped over 200,000 users find 200,000,000 matches of their work online, and are the market leader in copyright infringement enforcement internationally. Pixsy’s team of copyright experts are here to help if you have any questions about taking back control of your photos.

How to check if your photos are stolen online?

1. Create a free account on

2. Upload your photos to Pixsy’s reverse image search

3. Any matches on the internet are delivered back for your review

4. Send legally binding takedown notices

5. Recover compensation from a business using your photos commercially

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