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Creative flatlay on dark wood photo by Andyone
Photo: Andyone

What is Protected By Pixsy?

“Protected by Pixsy” shows you take your work seriously and actively protect it, using Pixsy’s world class suite of copyright tools.

Warn potential users that your rights are protected, and let the weight, technology and reputation of Pixsy do the rest.

Actively protect your images against theft

Let Pixsy do the heavy lifting

How do I use Protected by Pixsy?

1. Select a badge or watermark

2. Insert on your site or image

3. Show you’re protected

Choose from one of our pre-designed badges or watermarks, below. Insert this into your webpage or image with a few easy steps.

For a badge, simply copy and paste the HTML snippet into the desired area of your website. This requires no complex development skills. We recommend that you add this to the footer or navigation bar of your website, as you will only need to do this once.

WordPress users: simple navigate to the ‘Appearance’ menu and to ‘Widgets’, ‘Footers’, or  ‘Appearance’ > ‘Customization’ > ‘Header Settings’. You can then copy/paste the code snippet below.

Our support team are here to assist should you need it.

For Watermarks: simply superimpose the watermark onto you images, using your preferred photo editing software.

What happens when someone clicks on a badge?

Potential image users are warned of your protection status and that Pixsy is actively monitoring your work.

We take care of the legal warning text so you can focus on your creativity.

Preview the warning

Select Your Badge

Select Your Watermark

Pixsy Watermark
Pixsy Watermark
Pixsy Watermark

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Let us know if you need any assistance implementing our badge on your website, via email: