8 Must-Watch TED Talks on Photography

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TED talk photographer

Sebastião Salgado, Brazilian-born photographer who gives voice to the world’s most dispossessed and unknown. Photo: Steve Jurvetson // CC BY 2.0

We’ve written a lot on the technical aspects of photography before. Among others, we gave some tips for checking stutter count, explained the tricks behind long-exposure, and gave pointers for best photography gear. But there is so much more to photography than camera work. Photography can be an art form, a profession, an obsession, a way of documenting the world, and even a catalyst for change. These are just some of the attributes covered by the many outstanding photographers who have delivered TED talks — short presentations that are known around the world for delivering “Ideas worth spreading”. If you are searching for inspiration or a good old motivational kick, look no further than these eight breathtaking photography TED talks.

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Nadia8 Must-Watch TED Talks on Photography

Pixsy and The Guild: Fighting Image Theft Together

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pixsy and the guild

We are always happy to help more photographers fight copyright infringement and get fair compensation for their stolen work. Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with the Guild of Photographers, highly respected UK-based photographic association that helps photographers grow through the access to training and mentoring opportunities, a broad network of photographic professionals, and a number of exclusive deals.

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NadiaPixsy and The Guild: Fighting Image Theft Together

101 Reasons Why Getty Didn’t Acquire Pixsy

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Snappy, the office shark we would never get up.

Snappy, our office shark. We would never give him up.

On April 1 we announced a $420 million sale to Getty Images. As we confirmed this weekend, the acquisition was indeed an April Fool’s joke. Many of you were upset and mystified by the news– don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere.

Your responses made us think of not only how grateful we are to have you, but exactly why we would not agree to this type of acquisition in the first place. Here are 101 reasons why:

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daniel101 Reasons Why Getty Didn’t Acquire Pixsy

Getty Images Acquires Pixsy

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April Fools Pixsy

We’ve received quite a few emails from users over the last few hours, and can confirm that the post below is indeed an April Fool’s joke. We’re dedicated to creating a better environment for photographers  and appreciate all the messages we received.

You can read 101 reasons why this type of acquisition would never happen at Pixsy here.

Thanks for all your support and keep on creating!

-The Pixsy team

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ellenGetty Images Acquires Pixsy

What to Do When Your Photo Is Stolen: Pixsy Presentation at Adorama

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How to deal with copyright infringement - steps

Two weeks ago, Pixsy founder Daniel Foster gave a presentation at Adorama store in New York. He shared the detailed tips on handling cases of copyright infringement in photography and walked the photographers through the process step-by-step.

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NadiaWhat to Do When Your Photo Is Stolen: Pixsy Presentation at Adorama

The Beginner’s Guide To Infrared Photography

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IR photo by Mark Strobl

Creativity in photography is about using a tool that records things only as they are to instead change the way we see things. Or, in case of infrared photography, to record things in a way we’ve never seen them before.

By recording a portion of the light spectrum invisible to the naked eye, infrared photography, or IR photography, shows us the changed world. Green grass and trees become white. Water and the sky become a deep blue. Scenes are saturated with crisp contrast.

Infrared photography is a unique genre that produces images quite unlike typical photographs—it’s also affordable to get started with and a fun way for even seasoned photographers to experiment with something new.

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HillaryThe Beginner’s Guide To Infrared Photography

“Don’t tell my mom!” 7 Crazy Things Photo Thieves Say

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Angry old woman with a frying pan

Pixsy has contacted thousands of businesses regarding the unauthorized use of our photographers’ work. Most are happy to make things right and work with us to compensate the photographer. Others find excuses and try to be a bit more creative to get out of paying a license fee or legal settlement. Here’s our top list of the craziest and weirdest things we’ve heard so far.

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David“Don’t tell my mom!” 7 Crazy Things Photo Thieves Say