Photographers: Save time with Pixsy’s Intuitive New Features

GrahamPixsy News

Pixsy’s main goal is to lessen the stress of copyright infringement for photographers, which is why we’re constantly streamlining and updating our platform. We’re pleased to announce several new features designed to give you even more control over your work, including…

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GrahamPhotographers: Save time with Pixsy’s Intuitive New Features

Case of Image Theft by Trump Jr. Escalated into a Lawsuit



Remember last month when there was a media uproar involving Donald Trump Jr. and a photographed bowl of Skittles? Today, we have received news from the photographer’s lawyer that David Kittos (the original photographer) is escalating the case into a lawsuit against not only Trump Jr., but Donald Trump, his campaign, AND Michael Pence. Read more for the full legal complaint and more information.

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GrahamCase of Image Theft by Trump Jr. Escalated into a Lawsuit

The 5 best portfolio websites for photographers

GrahamPhotography Tips

photography portfolio websites

A strong photography portfolio plays an essential part when it comes to building up a steady line of clients. Providing photographers with a place to host and showcase their work has created a pretty saturated market with a dizzying dozen of websites and services each promising to be as indispensable as your camera.

It’s often hard to determine if one photography portfolio website is “better” than another. Some are tailored for licensing work, and others may be more useful to photographers with advanced coding or design knowledge. To save you time and effort, we’ve sifted through the dozens of available services and with the help of longtime Pixsy users, prepared a list of the top 5 portfolio websites for you to make a selection that will fit your needs.

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GrahamThe 5 best portfolio websites for photographers

Ridiculous copyright myths infringers want you to believe – Part 1


copyright excuses and myths

Many people believe it’s OK to publish an image just because they plucked it off Facebook or a blog post. In copyright, a photo’s destination matters just as much as the starting point, and at Pixsy we see a constant stream of infringers who think legal ambiguity is good enough not to ask for permission.

In this 2-part post, we’d love to answer the two most common questions: what are the more specific ways an image can be reproduced, and do the defences that often accompany them have any merit?

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GrahamRidiculous copyright myths infringers want you to believe – Part 1

Watermarking Photographs: an effective remedy for image theft

GrahamBusiness of Photography, Copyright

watermarking photographers

(C) Alexander S. Kunz

This guest post comes from Alexander S. Kunz, a passionate landscape photographer and a long-time Pixsy user. Recently, Alex reached out to us debating our previously expressed opinion on the photo watermarks being somewhat redundant for artists. During our discussion, Alex made some brilliant points in support of watermarking and we couldn’t resist inviting him to share his thoughts on the matter.


The discussion about whether to watermark photographs when posting them on the internet probably dates back to the day when digital photography and the internet first met. There are reasons for and against it. The reasons against watermarking mostly have to do with aesthetics. The reasons for watermarking mostly have to do with copyright infringement and protection of one’s intellectual property.

Now, unless you place an ugly watermark over a large portion of your photo, it would be foolish to assume that a watermark can actually help to “protect” a photo from image theft. That’s not how it works. Watermarks are usually easy to crop out or clone away. So why not leave them away entirely?

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GrahamWatermarking Photographs: an effective remedy for image theft

Copyright Small Claims Court: The Good and Not-so-good for Photographers


copyright small claims court

Photographers would do well to familiarize themselves with the popular law school mantra, “There is no right without a remedy.” The United States has strong copyright laws protecting artists from theft. In practice, however, the high costs of taking cases to court often prevents them from enjoying these rights.

A number of photography associations, most notably the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), have lobbied for a copyright small claims court to make it easier for photographers to bring cases. The resulting legislation is bill H.R. 5757, or the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2016 (CASE Act of 2016).

What will a copyright small claims court mean for photographers and the industry? Unlike others who have reported on the CASE Act without actually reading it, we tracked down and read all 53 pages of the legislation. Here’s our take on the good and the not-so-good.

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danielCopyright Small Claims Court: The Good and Not-so-good for Photographers

Introducing Pixsy Takedowns


At Pixsy, we believe you should have control over when, where and how your work is used. We’ve helped tens of thousands of photographers claim compensation for the unauthorized commercial use of their work, but this is still a small fraction of image theft. Many photographers asked, “What about the rest of the web?”

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danielIntroducing Pixsy Takedowns

Not Just Trump: 4 Famous Politicians Who Stole from Photographers


This time last year, Donald Trump cheerfully gloated that he had just bought his own campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again”.

“I’ve even copyrighted it, can you believe it?” Nobody else can use it,” he said.

Actually Mr. Trump, you “trademarked” the phrase, not “copyrighted” it – there’s a world of legal difference between the two.

It’s fitting that the Republican presidential nominee misunderstands copyright law even when he’s on the right side of it. His campaign’s flagrant “borrowing” of images, music and even speeches continues to make news headlines and inspire hashtags. Although the sheer number of copyright cases against him is excessive, they’re surprisingly not that out of place in mainstream American politics.

Trump’s got a lot of troubles when it comes to intellectual property, but as the following cases make clear he’s far from being the only infringer. These would-be lawmakers can play the honest politician as much as they like out on the campaign trail — taking office is never an excuse to steal photos.

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GrahamNot Just Trump: 4 Famous Politicians Who Stole from Photographers

Should photographers ever work for free?

GrahamBusiness of Photography

Photographers should not work for free

Would an accountant file taxes for free? Is your barber throwing you a free haircut soon? So why are photographers asked to work for free?

Every photographer knows the drill: “It will be a great opportunity to build your portfolio,” and “We don’t have a budget for photos.” Given the strong competition in photography, it’s tempting to accept requests for free work.  We strongly discourage working without compensation, but when a Pixsy employee was recently asked by a friend to do a small shoot for free, we wondered how photographers should handle these situations. So we gathered a panel of industry experts and asked then one question: is it ever OK to ask a photographer to work for free?

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GrahamShould photographers ever work for free?

Why Photography Matters to Me

NadiaPhotography, Pixsy Photographers

Photo: Nicholas Goodden

One urban photographer’s incredibly honest & sincere story of how he became a respected professional || Photo: Nicholas Goodden

Why do you shoot? When did it all start? Nicholas Goodden, a professional London photographer named one of the 20 Most Influential Street Photographers in 2015, found these questions to be the most difficult ones to answer. That is until he wrapped up his thoughts and experiences into this incredibly honest story of his journey to photography. It helped him get through some of the toughest times in his life and re-discover himself. We couldn’t resist sharing his story with you. 

I kept this post as a draft for months unsure if I should publish it since it discusses things and events that aren’t very easy to share. Just like everything else I write, I hope it can inspire / help at least one person from my personal life experience.

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NadiaWhy Photography Matters to Me